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Gonna jump into the firey Newgrounds Audio Portal!

2008-10-07 21:59:55 by Kenichi128

Hey everyone you may not know me at all but I'm going to start making music for Newgrounds! However, I'm not exactly rich at the moment so I'm looking for a FREE music-making program that I can download off the internet. Since I'm starting, I need a program thats easy to use and has tutorials and such. I enjoy all kinds of advice and who knows, maybe if I hit it big one day I'll mention you guys as the people who helped it get started! Thanks again!


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2008-10-07 22:02:49

good luck.

Kenichi128 responds:

Thanks. :D


2008-10-07 22:03:46

you will most likely fail, but hey, I'm not one to judge

Kenichi128 responds:

Hey, you succeed if you put your mind to it. o_o


2008-10-07 22:47:04

Try Fl Studio 8. That's the program I use.
You can get yourself a demo, just Google it and download.

Audacity is completely free as well. Though it may not be the best, you can download the full version.

As for tutorials, go to YouTube and search for Fl Studio or Audacity. The tutorials there will help you greatly.

(btw, I'm not exactly rich either, but check out what I made using only the demo version of Fl Studio)

Kenichi128 responds:

Wow thanks for the good comment. I'll try FL studio because I know artists who make great tracks from it. Your advice is greatly appreciated. ;D