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Pretty good.

I like the blur of the road and cars, but a lot of problems keep me from enjoying the game. First of all, the warning you give before a a bomb targets you and a barricade comes are WAY TOO SHORT. It would make more sense and be easier if there were only target bombs and barricades, but the cops distract me too much. Also, the cops have too much health. At least have some power-ups or an upgrade that increases the character's moving speed, restores health, or shooting power. Plus, modes that simply have you get a high score are too boring! Add a single player, survival mode, or any other mode that does't involve high scores. The achievements aren't bad, but you should make them harder to get, not by just starting a game. Anyway overall I give this game a 5 out of 10.

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You, sir, are a GENIUS! Masters of flash games bow to your talent.

Very smooth and great game!!!!

I think this is a very nice and entertaining game. The simple color and graphics and the unique and somewhat easy physics makes this game a perfect time killer. On my first try, I found it pretty challenging but managed to pull off a score of over 41000. My second try I got all the way to lvl31 with 78880 points. :D I hope you make even more simple and fun games like this!

A zombie defense legend...

This has every thing down for a perfect zombie defense game, from the gory and dark graphics, to the variety of weapons and the plot for survival. My only wish is that it could be a bit easier at the end. Other then that, great game.

Great game!

I liked this game alot, especially the suspensful ending and nice explosion effect. Level X was basically an automatically winning level and level 5k has a glitch in which you can enter the open portal from the closed off back portion of the level through the wall. Other then that it is a pretty much flawless game, with great reflection and shadow effects. Even the mouse moves back through time while using time reverse, which is pretty cool. I give this game a 5/5.


Very good game! i also have a level code that i dare anyone to do. Here it is:

2201521123021410771541802670782873103 8325330420238409247235004929010325344 6163420054129351129351179351179351231 3512313514053524712081383511823104153 51415351360351360352308351308351||%%%

I loved this

This game was definatly the best sudoku game around. I especially loved the first song "Breeze from the Old Forest". Do you know somewhere where i can download the song on my MP3 player for free? Please respond!


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Deso responds:

You can get this song at this page:
<a href="http://www.rappelz.com/download/ost.aspx">http://www.rappelz.com/download/ost.a spx</a>

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