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Pokemon The Last Episode: Ashe earns his name!

Wow that was freakin hilarious. I remember seeing this movie so many times, as its one of the few animated movies I love. This is so much more realistic, who can survive Mew and Mewtwo's shadow ball attack? It would've been even more funny if it said: Critical hit! Its super effective!. Lol anyway good job!

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Ockeroid responds:

Haha, nice.
Turns out psychic Pokemon are super effective against flesh.

Just imagine...

Of all the flashes over the years and all the storylines created and ended, this is how Newgrounds still stands today. I think you did an incredible job reenacting each artist's style, and the music for the flash matched perfectly. 10/10


This shows how simple and unoticible things can be made into something wholly new and original.

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Pretty good.

I like the blur of the road and cars, but a lot of problems keep me from enjoying the game. First of all, the warning you give before a a bomb targets you and a barricade comes are WAY TOO SHORT. It would make more sense and be easier if there were only target bombs and barricades, but the cops distract me too much. Also, the cops have too much health. At least have some power-ups or an upgrade that increases the character's moving speed, restores health, or shooting power. Plus, modes that simply have you get a high score are too boring! Add a single player, survival mode, or any other mode that does't involve high scores. The achievements aren't bad, but you should make them harder to get, not by just starting a game. Anyway overall I give this game a 5 out of 10.

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You, sir, are a GENIUS! Masters of flash games bow to your talent.

Very smooth and great game!!!!

I think this is a very nice and entertaining game. The simple color and graphics and the unique and somewhat easy physics makes this game a perfect time killer. On my first try, I found it pretty challenging but managed to pull off a score of over 41000. My second try I got all the way to lvl31 with 78880 points. :D I hope you make even more simple and fun games like this!

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The first version is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING compared to this kickass version. If they added this to the game, most players would be too much in shock to even fight the battle! I have nothing else to say about this, except to KEEP UP THE METAL!!!



THIS IS WHAT IM TALKING ABOUT! This song is one of my all time favorite Sega tunes! It totally depicts a high speed bean vanishing match between two players destined to destroy each other, with flashing lights attacking each player and transparent beans dropping faster then snow in a blizzard. I love the epic beeps and the sick guitar solo. Epic win, 10/10

And also, your right because this song basically describes itself.

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Holy crap! I'm flooded with memories!

Ah this track brings back the good old days of Mean Bean Machine. I used to be super addicted to this game when I found it on Sonic Mega Collection for the Gamecube. The purple robot thingy in stage 2 always pissed me off, with his high speed bean dropping and occasional sick combos. The highest I ever got without using a password is to that robot chicken thing. Anyway, good job! You officially made me break old my old Gamecube.

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Blah blah blah blah blah who cares?

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